Global OE friction manufacturer, TMD Friction, has enhanced its brake parts look-up service for garages and factors with the introduction of Brakebook, an online and app-based portal, which enables users to search for brake products quickly and easily.

The new and improved system now includes a vehicle registration look up, found underneath the vehicle application tab, which allows factors and mechanics to identify brake parts using a vehicle’s registration number.

The new system also includes product catalogue downloads in PDF format, complete with detailed drawings. As well as being available across the UK and Ireland, the portal has been broadened for international use and can be accessed worldwide in 15 languages.

In addition, details surrounding new to range items have been enhanced, with updates on parts being made automatically, along with the option to view new items across a chosen timeframe. An expert search facility has also been incorporated allowing users to search by size of component.

A final improvement comes in the form of a brake pad scanner, allowing users to find the exact part number they need by simply scanning a brake pad via the app. This feature is currently available for Textar only.

Nick Hayes, UK sales manager, said: “The investment into Brakebook to enhance search functionality and features offers a truly unique service to garages and factors.

“Keeping the process of identifying and purchasing brake parts as simple as possible is always a priority for us, to continue our work in supporting today’s mechanics and motor factors. We realise it’s a busy job, and in our experience, helping to cut down the amount of time taken away from working on a vehicle is always welcomed by garages.”

Brakebook is available for all TMD Friction brands including Textar, Mintex and DON across Apple and Android. Brakebook can be accessed at